Treat Your Bicycle to a Tune-Up at Irv’s Bike Shop

September 01, 2020

Could your bicycle use a tune-up? Better visit Henry at Irv’s Bike Shop. Owner Henry Ortiz has been a bike mechanic for over 33 years. He knows how to tune up, adjust, or overhaul your ride to get you back out onto the street in a hurry. And if you’re new to the cycling game or ready to upgrade your model, Henry can help with that, too. The whole team at Irv’s Bike Shop knows the store’s inventory inside out, and can recommend the bike or accessory you need for your best ride. The difference at Irv’s Bike Shop is really in the personal service and in-depth product knowledge that you simply won’t find in a big box store or sporting goods retailer.

For the entire life of you bike, Irv’s Bike Shop is your neighborhood partner to keep you safe, comfortable, and happy with your experience. Find Irv’s Bike Shop on South Racine Avenue, right at the intersection of West 18th Street. The shop opens daily at 10 a.m.