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The Values That Drive Us.

September 24, 2019

Elevating your apartment to the status of “Home, Sweet Home,” is precisely what Amila, Donnica, Jonathan, and Tess seek to do each day. Their business cards may read Bozzuto, but they realize they work for every resident at The Paragon.

“The Paragon promise is simple: excellence,” says Amila Hadzalic-Hodzic, leasing manager. “That is why we are always striving to improve our day-to-day processes and interactions. We not only seek to accommodate the needs of our residents, but we want to exceed their expectations.”

“The smallest details are often most important,” adds Jonathan Stephanoff, assistant general manager. “Remembering a name, a pet’s name, an upcoming wedding or anniversary…these small points are often what make a lasting impact.”

Creating a welcoming environment for residents and making them feel comfortable at The Paragon starts with a foundation of values. Concern, creativity, passion, and perfection are principles embraced by every Bozzuto team member.


Showing concern for the communities they touch is the first value that this team takes to heart. “Everything matters but showing that you care and empathize is key,” says, Hadzalic-Hodzic. “Excellence means continually growing and adapting to provide the best customer service experience for our residents,” says Tess O’Brien, marketing manager. “We aim to provide our residents not only with a home but with a sense of community. We are constantly thinking of new ways to let our residents know we care.”

Their collective concern extends beyond The Paragon. That is why they have partnered with two local not-for-profit organizations: Aspire Coffeeworks and Flowers for Dreams.

At Aspire CoffeeWorks, adults with and without disabilities work side by side to create delicious freshly roasted coffee. They create a productive and successful environment and a great example of how people of all abilities can work and succeed together.

Flowers for Dreams, the interior florist at The Paragon, donates a portion of proceeds to a different local charity each month.


Expressions of creativity brighten and improve every aspect of life, though novelty that is not useful can often result in irrelevant brilliance. Appreciating a different perspective, finding another way are skills practiced daily at The Paragon.

“By being accommodating, resourceful, and reliable we can simplify someone’s life,” believes Hadzalic-Hodzic. “There are opportunities for creativity in every aspect of what we do.”

Not only do they embrace creativity in the problems that they solve, but also in the environment in which you live. “The 1000 Wall by MadC is a wonderful example of The Paragon’s commitment to creativity,” says Stephanoff. “The scale work and the technique of artist is remarkable.”


Having passion involves caring more than many think wise. Passion requires energy. It increases with focus. A passionate state of mind encourages more profound and more meaningful experiences. Being excited about a variety of things makes life more engaging, it also tends to make one more interesting at cocktail parties, too.

At The Paragon the Bozzuto team casts a wide net in their quest to curate an ever-expanding collection of experiences that add spice to their lives and yours. A passion for exploration throughout Chicago and the world is a common theme amongst the group, as is enjoying Lake Michigan.

“Buckingham Fountain at night is my favorite place in Chicago,” says Donnica Jenkins, director of resident experiences. General Manager Hailee McCririe scouts for happy hours with some great appetizers. Her hot tip: “Kurah offers great Mediterranean food.”

So, if you are looking to play beach volleyball, find the latest hot spot, or enjoy Chicago’s world-class culture, the Bozzuto team is ready to set sail for points north, south, east or west.


The Paragon celebrates excellence in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, and the Bozzuto team members fervently believe that perfection is a goal worth pursuing to deliver it. They realize the benefits of that pursuit. As did the late great Chicago adman Leo Burnett who said, “When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

“Providing a sanctuary for our residents, that’s the experience I want to create at The Paragon,” adds McCririe. “That’s why when one of these ‘Paragonians’ says ‘Welcome home,’ you know they mean it.”

PHOTO CAPTION: The Bozzuto Team at The Paragon, located in Chicago’s South Loop

Hailee McCririe
General Manager

Jonathan Stephanoff
Assistant General Manager

Donnica Jenkins
Director of Resident Experiences

Amila Hadzalic-Hodzic
Leasing Manager