Craving Takeout at The Paragon? Order From Brass Heart!

May 01, 2020

If you’re searching for high-class cuisine you can get delivered or take-out to eat in your apartment, try Brass Heart this week. Brass Heart is an upscale eatery owned by a talented husband and wife duo, who has recently adapted their menus for the perfect date-night in. 

The current menu is simple, yet full of flavors. For the starter they offer a classic caesar salad or the soup du jour. For entrees, meat-eaters will love the short rib and braised pork shepherd’s pie which is a truly gourmet take on the comfort food favorite. If you’re a vegetarian, their cauliflower chicken tikka masala is bursting with flavor and paired with delicious basmati rice. Finish your meal with made-to-order chocolate chip cookies and some wine, which you can also order from them, for the perfect night in!

You can either call them to order, which will get you a slight discount, or order off UberEats.