Polombia Merges Polish and Colombian Fare Near The Paragon

December 18, 2020

Colombian and Polish fusion cuisine? It’s as utterly amazing as it is unusual. Chances are you’ve heard about the much-buzzed-about new restaurant Polombia in the heart of Chicago, or how frustratingly hard it is to get a reservation there. All that hype and popularity comes with good reason! Polombia’s food is unique, elegant, and downright delicious. Part of what makes it so hard to get are the limited hours of operation. Currently, Polombia is only open on weekends for a handful of hours each day. But dishes like sal-chi-papa, arepa-ski, and emparogi are worth the wait. (If you think about it, you can probably untwist these riddled names and figure out what two dishes are crossed to make each one). 

To add to your excited anticipation to try this new spot, check out their Yelp page. Most reviewers award Polombia with five stars, and use words like “wonderful”, “exciting”, and “unreal”. Limited outdoor seating (with heaters) is available, or you can order takeout right from the website.