Our Story


A starting point, a resting place, a workspace, a home, a hangout, a nightspot, a day spa, a gateway, a destination, a gym, a landmark…The Paragon is this and more.

With etymological roots dating back to ancient Greece, the word “paragon” means a measure of quality…a standard by which others may be judged.

In antiquity, the word described a black stone used to prove the purity of precious metals. Today, the thought inspires us to create a community focused on enabling everyone to reach beyond whatever they dream possible to grasp.

The distinctive façade of The Paragon features diamond-shaped facets that offer a unique perspective on Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood and beyond. This motif was combined to pay homage to the distinct six-pointed stars that symbolize memorable achievements in our great city’s history. As famed Chicago adman (a paragon in his own right) once said, “Reach for the stars. You might not quite get there, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”

Crowned with a brilliant structural band, The Paragon Chicago hopes to serve as a beacon of possibility, inspiring its residents and surrounding community to discover whatever is ideal throughout this delightful city of ours.