Meet Some Friends for Tacos and Margs at Takito Kitchen

May 30, 2021

Come and enjoy a fun and exciting Mexican experience at Takito Kitchen, located not far from The Paragon. Delicious food, a fun and interactive atmosphere, and inviting employees are just some of the many great things you will find as you dine at this Mexican retreat. Bring along your family and friends and enjoy the exciting outdoor seating area with dangling lights illuminating the night sky, fun Mexican music playing and a waiter bringing you all of your favorite foods and drinks at Takito Kitchen. 

Some of the most popular Mexican dishes featured on the menu include the hearts of palm salad, the skirt steak chimichurri, cilantro rice, and the authentic chicken, shrimp and fish tacos. Then be sure to wash it down with some of their many tasty cocktails and beers, like the Mezcal mule, Corazon tequila, cucumber margarita, or if you’re feeling spicy try the caliente “feugo” margarita, a spicy twist to the traditional cocktail.