Kick Back With a Brew at Urban Belly

June 30, 2021

 Make your tummy happy and order from Urban Belly! The food and drinks are tasty and full of unique flavor that will leave you satisfied and smiling for days. With all sorts of yummy menu items to choose from, there’s a little something for everyone who stops by!  If you’re unsure what to order, try their chicken red curry dumplings or one of their belly dogs, or perhaps one of their specials! And while you’re at it, order a Vietnamese iced coffee or a fancy wine to sip with your meal. 

It makes for a great place to get together and catch up with some friends or have a date night out. Either way, you’ll enjoy the vibe of this place! The atmosphere is fun and upbeat and perfect to relax and unwind in for a bit. You’ll also appreciate the great service and friendly staff eager to make your visit perfect from start to finish!