Italian Bomboloni Is the Specialty at BomboBar, Now Open Near The Paragon

March 30, 2021

If you’re not already a frequent flyer at the West Loop window, the concept of bomboloni may be a foreign one. But, if you’ve become a regular at BomboBar or grew up in a traditional Italian family, you know just how much these balls of dough have to offer. With its connections to Tuscany and other regions, these filled doughnuts offer a sweet dessert or a delicious snack, depending on the eater’s preference. And, thanks to BomboBar, you don’t have to buy a plane ticket or befriend someone’s nonna to try them for yourself—you just have to place an order. 

Try a classic bomboloni with flavors like raspberry, nutella, or salted caramel, to get a taste for this traditional Tuscan treat. Then, be sure to test out one of BomboBar’s “over the top” varieties, like banana cream pie or cookies & cream. Better yet, order a full dozen and enjoy taste testing with friends—or keep them to yourself (we won’t tell). 

Pair your bomboloni with a scoop of gelato, a snickers hot chocolate, or a bomboburger to stay satisfied all day. But, when it comes to BomboBar, you just might want to eat your dessert first.