Hop Aboard the Bus for Chicago Hauntings Tour

October 28, 2021

Are you looking for a spooky Halloween event to check out? If so, venture on one of Chicago Hauntings Tours, where you’ll get to take a fully narrated trip on a ghost bus that lasts about two to three hours as you learn about the dark side of the Windy City. 

On the bus, you’ll make multiple stops that include murder, disaster, and gangland sites, along with damaged skyscrapers, and hear eerie stories of all that occurred in those parts. You’ll even get to see the location of the Eastland Disaster, the abandoned City Cemetery, and Death Alley, where many tragically lost their lives decades ago. 

You can take pictures along the way as you absorb all the terror, excitement, and history of each haunting place. And, if you like, you can reserve the ghost bus for private group tours, whether a small or large group of friends and family. Be sure to view the prices for the group size online through their website.