Explore the Plant-Centric Menu at Alice and Friends Vegan Kitchen

October 15, 2021

Even in the midst of a very challenging year, Alice and Friends Vegan Kitchen managed to excel. It was crowned one of Nextdoor’s “Neighborhood Favorites” of 2021, the same year the eatery celebrates its 20th birthday in Edgewater. That feat is made all the more impressive when you take into consideration the fact that Alice’s chefs never use any meat, dairy, or other animal products in their cooking.

They simply let plant-centric ingredients shine in every appetizer, entree, and dessert that they serve, starting with the house-made dumplings. The chef stuffs the dumplings with a blend of veggies, sweet potato noodles, and tofu, then pairs them with a sauce made from scratch. Missing seafood? The Blissful Joy “fried shrimp” feature faux shellfish encrusted in a crispy breading and served with dairy-free tartar on the side. When it comes to the main course, dig into a dish like the Noble burger. The patty is crafted from a savory mix of oats, brown rice, onions, and textured veggie protein for a surprisingly meat-like mouth feel, topped with fresh LTO, pickles, and house-mayo mayo and ketchup. You can choose to pair it with classic fries or sweet potato fries.