Discover the Powers of Beer at Piva Beer Spa

April 06, 2022

Piva Beer Spa, located at 1052 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, is Chicago’s first-ever beer spa! The day spa offers beer soaks, luxury CBD services, massage, and halotherapy, a form of salt therapy, in its state-of-the-art salt room. The mission of Piva Beer Spa is to bring a healing and beauty outlet to the modern world through its beer-centric services. Also available at the spa is a steam room and sauna. The staff strives to make their customers feel moisturized, relaxed, and overall amazing. Beer soak benefits include improvement to damaged skin, exfoliation, an increase in skin elasticity, clearing of the skin’s impurities, and even hydration to hair. Piva Beer Spa offers a wide assortment of beer-centric spa treatments. Halotherapy, another service provided at Piva Beer Spa, was first developed by the ancient Greeks. In a halotherapy session, you’ll improve respiratory function by breathing in salted air. Piva Beer Spa is a natural oasis for mind, body, and spirit!