Chicago Honey Co-op: A Unique Business Near The Paragon

May 31, 2021

If you’re in search of a unique organization to support, check out the Chicago Honey Co-Op. This local agricultural cooperative has less than 20 members dedicated to raising bees, harvesting honey, and driving sustainability in our community through environmental awareness and their beekeeping practices! They keep their bees at three unique apiaries throughout the city with hopeful future additions as they continue to grow!

Right now, to support them you can visit the local farmers markets like Green City Market and Logan Square Farmers Market where they sell all the goods they make from their bees, or you can shop online! They sell fresh raw honey, beeswax wrap, candles, and gift sets. All their products are made from their very own bees which is so unique, especially for a city-based organization.

Want to learn more about beekeeping and get more involved? They offer fun beginner beekeeping classes! Check out their website for more information.